The biggest mountain range in North America that lies in the western USA and Canada is the Rocky Mountains. These incredibly beautiful places are praised by country poets and singers.

Today, most of the Rockies are part of the protected areas and forests, which allows you to control the use of natural resources and save the ecosystem. One of the most famous parks is the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA. This place is worth visiting for adults and children. Don’t miss your opportunity to go on a Rocky Mountain National Park vacation.

Tours to the Rocky Mountains National Park

The Rockies are dominated by coniferous vegetation – spruce, fir, cedar Californian pine. The meadow flora is represented by more than 900 different types of plants. The fauna in the Rockies is very diverse and there are a lot of characteristic inhabitants adapted to life in the mountains: goat and sheep, black bear (baribal), deer, cougar, as well as numerous rodents. Therefore, if you visit the Rockies, you can see all of these interesting representatives of flora and fauna.

In the Rocky Mountains, it is customary for North Americans to spend outdoor recreation – go on trekking, fishing or multi-day hiking, birdwatching, hunting as well as biking and mountaineering. In winter, fans of winter sports come to the Rocky Mountains. It is interesting to ride snowmobiles here so skiers and snowboarders love these places also.

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