Dubai is a part of the United Arab Emirates and it is one of the most visited places. Dubai not only has an amazing selection of shopping options but it is also home to many ancient and modern attractions. The city is also known for its marvelous and luxurious buildings, big hotels and its expensive flare. Dubai is also known as a leader in innovation and design and is home to some of the world’s most exciting architectural buildings and locations. So here are some tips to follow when travelling in Dubai.

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind in Dubai is their customs and laws, which have gotten many Western visitors in trouble over the years. One of the most important laws is that visitors would be forbidden from eating or drinking in public places during Ramadan fasting or engaging in other activates and holiday practices. Some other laws to follow when in Dubai are that wearing swimsuits is only permitted on beaches.  Swimsuits are allowed only o beach for both men and women if found off of the beach then it can lead to an arrested under public decency laws.

 Photography of the local women intentionally is a crime in this country. You can’t even photograph police officers or their cars, and government buildings. It’s illegal to do a number of things, and it’s not always obvious to a visitor what sorts of things might be a problem so do a lot of research before planning a trip to Dubai. 

Some other things to keep in mind is to plan in advance. Dubai has tourists flooding in all year around and so making plans in advance would be very helpful. Making bookings for your choice of hotels and transport would also cost less if you make all your plans earlier.

Another thing to remember is to make a list of the things you want to do or the places you would want to visit. Dubai has a number of places which are must a visit such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall, Jumeirah beach, underwater aquarium zoo, Wild Wadi water park and many more places. These places would lead you awe-inspiring and could be the reason to make Dubai your all time favorite destination. Make sure to visit all of them with patience and solace.

When returning back makes sure that your returning flights are on timed that you don’t leave them on the last minute. Make sure to re-check that you have packed all your belongings.

When you visit Dubai the only season that you can experience here are hot and hotter. The only months best suitable to visit Dubai are October and April, known as the winter season, bring clear skies and happening beach weather to the city. You can definitely consider this factor while making your travel dates.

So come and travel Dubai with your entire family. Leave all your worries behind as travelling is all about exploring new places.